B Corp Certification

A good guide to embedding B Corp



Certified B Corporations meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Meeting these standards and obtaining certification can be incredibly challenging — Hatched offers a process that strategically embeds B Corp in an organisation.

Companies such as Patagonia, Intrepid Travel and Stone & Wood work hard to develop the culture, processes, structures and habits that meet B Corp’s rigorous criteria. Accompanying them are almost 3,000 other organisations, across 150 industries, in 60 different countries with one unified goal — to use business as a force for good, balancing profit and purpose.

Scoring a minimum of 80 points to obtain certification requires a comprehensive assessment that is highly demanding. The assessment provides more than a mark, but a framework to build a better business. It analyses organisations according to a series of weighted criteria that ask them to consider the structures and processes behind their Community, Workers, Governance, Customers and Environment.

Prospective B Corps face two common challenges when undertaking the assessment — a clear alignment with business strategy, and what to do after obtaining accreditation. As a B Corp in its own right, Hatched works with its clients to strategically embed B Corp and provide a roadmap for ongoing improvement.


First, we conduct a B Corp assessment of your business, identifying the strengths, weaknesses, gaps and opportunities. This allows us to then develop an aligned B Corp strategy, allowing your company’s board and leaders to make embedding B Corp a key strategic priority. We then engage your teams around why this is important and aim to get each person to connect personally before setting up a B Corp committee to take ownership.

With this committee we then collaboratively design initiatives that demonstrate purpose, improve the business, and satisfy B Corp criteria. These are implemented across the business, and are validated by inviting teams and customers to participate. The change is then communicated by companies sharing their story in their own unique way.

Companies that exhibit B Corporation’s high standards attract the best talent, have increased access to capital and thanks to its global community of values-aligned businesses are more likely to successfully enter new markets.

Beyond this, the B Corp certification validates your purpose and impact, gives your organisation unrivalled transparency and in turn improves customer connection — a competitive edge that is incredibly valuable in an age of ‘purpose-washing’.

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