Embedding Purpose & B Corp into an organisation reimagining Educational resources

Status: Complete

Client: Teach Starter

Country: Australia

Industry: Education

The Challenge

How might we embed purpose and B Corp into an organisation as it enters foreign markets?

The Outcome

Defined purpose, impact strategy and a pathway to B Corp Certification.


The nature of education is changing. Thought leaders in education are providing new models that foster confidence, empower creativity and nurture the gift of the human imagination.

As our approach to education changes, so do the tools and materials teachers use. Today’s teachers look for more attractive and engaging materials that communicate key learnings to students through games and imagery, in turn fostering — among other skills — creative thought and intuition.

In 2012, Teach Starter began as a humble email packed full of free resources for teachers. Today, Teach Starter provides its community of over 500,000 members with over 100,000 pages of purposefully designed, premium teaching resources. Teach Starter was founded by the tech savvy Scott Tonges and teacher Jill Snape with one purpose — to ‘make every classroom buzz’.

With an in-house team of designers and incredible community management capability, Teach Starter designs and delivers attractive and engaging materials that result in improved learning outcomes for students.

As they embarked on a period of rapid growth and internationalisation, Scott and Jill started working with Hatched to define its purpose-driven strategy and a pathway to B Corp Certification.


Hatched conducted a series of impact model workshops with both the Teach Starter team and its founders to define its purpose, vision, internal magic and the meaningful experience it creates for its clients. With these elements of their model defined, we were then able to highlight the intended impact Teach Starter wanted to deliver to all of its stakeholders.

“Let’s make every classroom buzz!” – Purpose, Teach Starter.

We then began a collaborative process to strategically embed B Corp in the organisation. After obtaining a score on B Corp’s impact assessment, Hatched performed an analysis — identifying strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement — to provide Teach Starter with a clear strategic pathway to certification.

We then engaged the Teach Starter team to connect personally with this strategy and set up internal ‘impact groups’ to take ownership of the certification process. Each impact group then participated in a design workshop to create innovative impact initiatives that were aligned with Teach Starter’s impact strategy, and also provided the points needed for certification.


Hatched’s Purpose Program gave Teach Starter clarity around its model and the change it seeks to create. This clarity has provided a strong foundation for Teach Starter to launch into foreign markets and elevate its value proposition.

Teach Starter is set to become a certified B Corp by the end of 2019. Its membership base has grown by over 100% and now extends from Australia, to New Zealand and the U.S. Purpose-connection has enhanced team engagement and led to the set up of three impact groups — Vibe Tribe (Internal Culture); Green Futures (Sustainability & Environment) and Community (Community & Giving). Follow them closely to see how they align innovative and thought leading initiatives with business intent to elevate value propositions.