Reinventing a not-for-profit as the place for problem solving

Status: Complete

Client: Eidos

Country: Australia

Industry: Social Enterpise & Innovation.

The Challenge

How might we reinvent a not-for-profit to be the catalyst for solving social problems?

The Outcome

A new and defined purpose, impact model and innovation approach for Eidos


Solving problems has always been a challenge. For those that seem achievable, most people seek the same opinions and end up with similar outcomes. Our most challenging problems go ignored, often seen as too difficult to even start contemplating how to tackle them.

Eidos, an Australian not-for-profit, has a rich history of solving problems in new ways. It has been used by Prime Ministers, governments, corporates and other institutions to develop new policy and strategic solutions. In 2014, Eidos decided to go digital by creating an online platform called MindHive which enabled it to access a larger crowd of problem solvers to contribute new solutions to challenges.

As MindHive’s popularity grew, it created an identity crisis. Was Eidos now MindHive? Or was MindHive, Eidos? So, Eidos embarked on a journey to turn MindHive into its own for-profit company and widen its impact, however that left Eidos to question what it should become.


Hatched worked alongside Bruce Muirhead, CEO of MindHive and ex-CEO of Eidos, the Eidos board, and its funders The English Family Foundation. We worked to define a new strategic direction for Eidos by further refining its purpose, designing a new innovation and process methodology, and delivering an experiment to test the approach. Hatched designed the entire process and facilitated the first conversation which had a particular focus around social procurement.


After working together to build and evolve its purpose, Eidos has become ‘The place for problem solving’. It was able to develop a clear new identity that will work alongside MindHive.

Eidos now uses a Conversation, Challenge and Connection methodology. First it brings stakeholders from all parts of a system together to better define the problem, then it sets a challenge to develop solutions by engaging the crowd, and from here helps the winning solution develop connections to bring that solution to life.

This process was tested on the problem of Social Procurement, which was seen as one of the most significant challenges in supporting the social enterprise movement. This resulted in a new solution called LendForGood, which is soon to launch. LendForGood identifies that the supply side of social procurement is its biggest challenge — a new and novel perspective. Smaller business don’t have the capacity to deliver, and purpose-fit funding would allow them to deliver on the increasing amount of opportunities presented by organisations wanting to buy from social enterprises. Lend For Good, with Eidos’ support, is set to help thousands of social enterprises make a difference.

Hatched is now Purpose Made!

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