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developing a long-term impact strategy for an international skin care brand.

Status: Complete

Client: Aesop

Country: Australia

Industry: Health & Beauty

The Challenge

How might we strategically embed purpose upon entering a rapid growth phase?

The Outcome

Development of a 10 year vision & impact strategy to positively impact a growing internal and external stakeholder base.


Founded in 1987, Aesop is an international skin care brand headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Placing a ‘sincere interest in intelligent and sustainable design’, Aesop is globally renowned for its sensitive, thoughtful and beautiful skin care products that care, function and are pleasing to the eye.

With new store locations and offices across Australia, Thailand and Europe, Aesop contacted Hatched in 2016 to reconnect with its purpose and develop a strategy to positively impact its community as it grows.


An impact model workshop with Aesop’s strategy team facilitated the delivery of a strategy that clearly defined the specific impact the business aims to create for its colleagues, community and the environment. This initial process also resulted in a clear articulation of Aesop’s purpose – to nourish through intelligent interactions.

Aesop’s impact model then provided the foundations for Hatched to facilitate a second workshop with a team of ‘purpose champions’ to design and deliver the means to implement their impact strategy. This was then workshopped with the leadership team to effectively integrate impact into its strategic plan.


Hatched’s purpose program allowed Aesop to establish new approaches towards sustainable design and packaging, and develop a 10-year vision & impact strategy that positively influences its internal and external community.

This has resulted in enhanced team engagement; a greater connection to history and purpose; business activity & purpose alignment; new revenue streams; a pathway towards greater impact; increased transparency; and the conversion of emerging risks into opportunities.

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