Designing Impact for a company humaniSing the technology INDUSTRY

Status: In-Progress

Client: 4IMPACT

Country: Australia

Industry: Technology

The Challenge

How might we balance purpose with business intent to have a greater impact on our clients and consultants?

The Outcome

A series of engaging workshops with key stakeholders and staff to define purpose, and then design for impact.


The technology industry is notorious for its transactional nature. Consultants and clients are treated as means and ends respectively. Relationships are not built — they are a waste of time in world where technological advancement is faster than you can say gigabyte. There is not a moment to lose. Nor a moment to be human.

The 4impact Group, founded in 2005, does things differently. They are already renowned for the value they create by building relationships with both their consultants and clients.

They closely consider a consultant’s career goals, work-life balance and create opportunities for their professional development. They collaborate with their clients to create empathy and understanding, in turn allowing for the best possible outcomes. As a result, 4Impact gets the best people which creates the best projects, which attracts the best people, which….you get it, it’s a virtuous cycle.

Embarking on a journey of strategic change and growth, 4Impact CEO John Ryan approached Hatched at the beginning of 2018. John wanted to create a positive working culture, enhance value propositions and build impact into the company. We were to collectively define a model with employees that balances purpose with business intent.


Hatched conducted a series of 1-on-1 sessions with founders and stakeholders, sharing their individual purpose and exploring 4impact’s future. This was followed by a series of interactive workshops with staff at 4impact’s Brisbane headquarters to discuss purpose, vision, values, and what drives individuals at work.

An impact model design session with leaders from each team finalised the company’s impact model and purpose — ‘we to put the human in technology to fulfil potential’. By ensuring there is a human at the heart of every tech solution, 4impact ensures each solution is human.


In developing a purpose-driven approach to business, 4impact has fostered a positive working culture, enhanced value propositions for its clients, consultants and community and is now empowering its staff to design the company’s impact.

A team of 4impact employees is currently working with Hatched in a series of impact design sessions. They aim to create initiatives that lead thinking in the technology industry, create opportunities and better working conditions for consultants and staff, and develop new ways to give back to its community.

Hatched is now Purpose Made!

We have evolved to stay at the forefront of change, enabling you to create real impace.

The future is our business.