Demonstrate outcomes today.

Today, all organisations are a powerful vehicle for change. Purpose-driven organisations deliver impact to do good in the world. So measuring outcomes not only seems logical, but is good business.

We have been working with some of the world’s leading purpose-driven organisations, and we understand that impact measurement is critical to demonstrating your purpose and creating a thriving business. By providing evidence of the good your business is doing, you provide the transparency that today’s customers & key stakeholders look for, and increase commitment & connection from partners and staff. Put simply, impact measurement is now a multi-stakeholder expectation.

But measuring impact is challenging, and for many reasons. There’s a lack of data, it can be costly and most organisations just don’t know where to start. Most significant however, is that in recent times we have seen a shift in focus regarding what we regard as meaningful measurement. Now, we are concerned with outcomes, not outputs… and rightly so. In other words, we look at the change you create as opposed to what you deliver. For example, in an area with poor access to safe water & sanitation, we consider the percentage decrease in waterborne disease as an outcome, versus the number of wells you built as an output. But this only deepens the challenge, as outcomes can take a very long time to achieve, and typically are difficult to aggregate and compare.

Hatched has developed ‘Demonstrate’ - an impact measurement approach for all organisations to measure outcomes today. We can’t fast forward time, but by linking desired behaviours with validated outcomes we calculate an impact ratio that indicates the change you are creating each day, in turn bridging long-term outcomes. The approach also allows you to aggregate and index different data to create a total view of your impact. It also helps you communicate this impact, with options to link to the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Demonstrate is now available to clients as the final piece of the Hatched Purpose Program.

Demonstrate is now available to clients as the final piece of the Hatched Purpose Program.

As an approach, it is positive, practical and pragmatic. Demonstrate follows on from developing your impact model and initiatives, and Hatched is currently offering it to organisations as a way to measure and communicate meaningful outcomes.

…and there are exciting things on the horizon. A Demonstrate platform is currently under construction. Using design for good, we are creating a digital product that allows all organisations to capture data remotely in real-time, automatically aggregate and index that data, and access an online portal that contains purpose-built reporting tools to easily monitor and communicate your impact.


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