why we love being

a certified bcorp

B Corp Certification is pivotal in shifting the game of business and reshaping a future where the health and wellbeing of people and planet are not compromised for the sake of profitable gains. We first became a B Corp in 2017 joining a community of well known brands including Patagonia, TOM Co. and Who Gives a Crap. This month we are celebrating the successful completion of our 3 year recertification!  If you’re not familiar with B Corp Certification they’ve partnered with Torrens University (also a BCorp) to build a free online course where you can learn all about it!

When you become a Certified B Corp, you become part of a movement, a movement geared towards building a new economy where businesses balance purpose & profit, and are competing to have the greatest positive impact on people & the planet. 

We spent a moment or two reflecting on being a B Corp, why it means so much to us and working with B Corps. We’d love to hear about your experience with B Corps!

  • Why is being a BCorp important to us? 

Being a Certified B Corp provides validation that the impact we say we deliver is being delivered. It also acts as a way to constantly improve our business, as the B Corp certification process becomes more rigorous over time it helps us sharpen the roadmap for our business and is fundamental to Hatched’s impact model.

  • Our experience being a B Corp

To become and remain a B Corp is challenging and to get to their 80 point benchmark is a great test of an organisation’s commitment. Most businesses don’t have purpose and impact embedded at their core and that’s why B Corp is so important to set the standard and enable B Corps to demonstrate leadership in impact and what it means to transition to a new economy. It’s also great to know you are part of a movement, be supported on the journey and connected with like minded B Corps.

  • What we’ve learned in helping aspiring businesses become B Corps

B Corp isn’t a compliance or tickbox exercise.  The impact you seek to achieve will be deeply aligned to your business model and the more you make impact a part of your everyday business, the better the outcomes for people, planet and profit.  As well as B Corp being a validation of your purpose and impact, it helps inform, refine and develop your strategy.  

The latest version of the assessment has shifted to not just showing you have policies and procedures in place, but looking for evidence that you achieved the impact stated. So impact measurement is now critical to the process.

  • What is it like to work for a B Corp?  

You’ll feel a sense of pride and validation that everyday, your work is contributing to something better, something beyond making money. You’ll likely feel a mix of increased sense of responsibility, personal alignment and empowerment.

Our B Corp score reveals insights into our strengths.  Creating economic impact in the community is one of them!

Improving the impact our partners are having is our biggest strength.  You can read about our impact here. 

  • What are the benefits of becoming a Certified B Corp?

+  Access to a diverse network of leaders in the purpose and impact space

+  Validation of your purpose and impact

+  Roadmap to continually improving your impact

  • What are the benefits of operating as a Certified B Corp? 

+  Providing the right structure and foundations for growth.  There is now a proven link between purpose and business success.  Purpose and impact leads to happier workplaces, more loyal customers, attracting the right type of investors & ensures you remain future-focused leadership & innovation.

There is something special about entering a room full of B Corps.  You’ll feel the B Corp Buzz, it’s an uplifting and inspiring feeling.  You are contributing to something bigger, and it fills you with a sense of fulfilment & enthusiasm that is motivating through the sticky and challenging times.

If you’d like to know more about how we help businesses grow their impact and align with purpose so that they can successfully navigate the certification, feel free to reach out.  This is what we do best!  

If you’d like to know more about B Certification, the B movement and how to be a part of it, jump on over to their website and have a go at filling out the B Impact Assessment to see if you meet any of the certification criteria. 

Oh, and our sister business ROOY can help you measure your impact too!

In good business, 

The Hatched Team

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