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Measuring our Impact


We might be a small business, but we work with organisations who have big impact, and we are pretty proud to hear the impact we’ve had on them!

For the first time ever, we have been able to partner with our sister business ROOY to measure our impact… and has it been exciting or what!?

All of our clients have felt our work has enhanced team connection and boosted their confidence to amplify their impact.

Our clients all agree that Hatched created practical and actionable steps to improve their impact, and we helped them achieve clarity for their vision and purpose.

As a result of working with us, the majority of our clients experienced clarity of impact, and between all of our clients, over 19 new impact initiatives were created this year!!

Yep, we are pretty thrilled with that outcome!

Strategically transforming a business is not something that happens overnight.  Our calendar tends to take form with fewer clients, but with clients whose purpose-driven aspirations are high, and the transformation necessary touches every facet of their organisation.  And like anything worthwhile this takes time, energy & commitment – on our end, and theirs.

We feel absolutely over the moon to do the work we do.  We adore our clients.  We are so grateful for their passion, enthusiasm and get-up-and-go attitude towards real and sustained change-making.

Purpose and impact aren’t simply ‘trends’ that wander into a business for a few months.  It takes consistent and focused effort from everyone on the team – personally and professionally.  We are never alone in this, though.  The journey is shared by so many, as we now are acutely aware just how essential they are to success in the world we live in today.

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The Hatched Team.

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