Meaningful MARKETING

Delivering value in a world demanding transparency, purpose and impact


Meaningful Marketing

No one can ignore the signs that traditional marketing is taking its last breath, exhausted from the glory days of television, kick-ass creative and boozy madmen-esque behaviour. And there is little wonder why…

The sheer volume of noise in our ever-expanding array of media channels makes it hard for brands to distinguish themselves. Combine this with dramatic changes in customer expectations and awareness, and its obvious why marketeers across the globe are clutching at ideas, trying to wrestle these forces.

As we give a shout out of genuine love to the amazing marketing people we partner with, we recognise the collective journey of discovery we are on to understand what marketing holds for us next.

So we offer you up some insights. Insights that feel like an injection of human touch into how we form true, transparent, authentic, empathetic relationships with our customers, which are in the best interest of both the individual and business. We hope over time this will replace terms such as ‘taglines’, ‘incentives’, ‘closing the deal’, ‘overcoming objections’ and ‘pricing optimisation’.

Purpose: putting your deeper purpose at the center of all you do, your conversations, decisions and product/service design.

Impact: Gather the data that demonstrates the good you do in the world, and communicate this to your customers in a meaningful way. You reduced your carbon emissions by 30,000 kgs this year? How many equivalent households of electricity is that? Make it digestible (check out how our impact measurement approach can help).

Human Need: connecting every single person in your business to the deep human need that sits at the core of your offering.

Relationship: genuine inclusive partnerships with consumers, intermediaries, and suppliers.

Identity: beyond branding to storytelling, openness and an ongoing narrative.

Customer understanding: hire people who love what your company does, have them spend time with customers and truly understand them. Analytics are powerful but nothing beats understanding the highs, lows, hearts, and minds of your customers. So get out of the office…now!

Proposition: create a product or service that really, really works by taking friction out of your customer’s lives and see what happens (hint…magic!)

Capability: invest in the capability of your people and partners through experiences and build true empathy with your customers, throw out traditional training approaches and start afresh. Meaningful Experience: create an incredible customer experience that has a positive impact on their lives.

It is easier said than done, but organisations that do the elements of the above well, say that marketing takes care of itself. Smaller investments of time and money are needed, and are instead spent establishing relationships with your customers. The result is a human and horizontal relationship — one that is welcomed with open arms in our noisy digital world.