7 QUALITIES FIT FOR PURPOSE…for a truly purpose-driven journey. 

Our Quick Tip: As you read below, give yourself or your business a score between 1-10 for each key point based on how well you feel you/your business live out these qualities and reflect on your answers. We love setting mini-challenges and activities for our clients to get their brains really ticking about who they are and why they do what they do!

  1. AUTHENTICITY: everything you do needs to be you. You must walk the talk all the way through your business. Once your purpose is defined, call out what doesn’t align and address it. Include all your staff. Trust me, these hard conversations are powerful and transformative. Customers can sniff an inauthentic company a mile away.
  1. INTEGRATION: this is where the power of purpose lies. Companies get pretty excited about defining the ‘why’ of their business and quite rightly so! However, doing the work doesn’t stop here. You actually need to integrate everything around your ‘why’, which creates the purpose. This includes integrating the way you work, the meaningful experience your customers have, your core values and the impact you have, including any impact initiatives.
  1. OUTCOMES-BASED: all of this work needs to actually deliver something. A lot of people forget this bit. Purpose work is practical work. It needs to deliver outcomes, it needs to further your business objectives and it needs to elevate the impact you choose to have.
  1. EMBEDDED IN PURPOSE: you need to embed purpose into daily tasks to be authentic — whether they be menial work chores or standout career opportunities. It almost needs to become invisible, something that just is, everyone (staff and team) knows it and does it. When customers interact with it they feel it. This is what creates great companies. Every stream of work you do needs to have a purpose at the core.
  1. CONNECTION: purpose doesn’t work unless every single one of your staff understands it, and their own purpose is connected to it. Involve your staff in the process of forming your purpose and following its creation, ensure everyone goes on their own personal journey to find this connection. Support them through conversations and developmental experiences.
  1. EMBRACE CONFLICT: don’t shy away from the hard conversations, the opinion of others that do not align or the big decisions. Ask the hard questions and investigate left field comments to find the meaning in it.   There will inevitably be something that needs to be addressed, make it everyone’s responsibility. Call it out and act on it. Conflict enables creativity and clarity.
  1. HUMBLENESS: tell your story your way. Make sure you actually tell your story (many of my clients are so humble they prefer not to). People want to know what goes on behind the scenes. Create a storytelling approach that is a natural extension of your purpose and personality, and you’ll see a huge impact.

If you completed the little activity, remember not to be unfairly critical of your results!  This is part of the journey and we’re all growing together. Relish the challenge to improve and keep a supportive network around you!