Purpose Program

Hatched’s Purpose Program is specifically designed to transform your business, carefully placing purpose at the heart of everything you do.

Articulating your p-p-p-p-purpose should be both powerful and fun. But this is only the first step on the purpose journey.  The real challenge lies in embedding purpose - making purpose a reality for your business.

We believe your purpose is what makes you durably relevant in this world. It is the deeper ‘why’ a business exists. In times of increasing complexity and disruption, embedding purpose has become a strategic imperative. It makes you resilient, innovative and fosters positive culture by providing employees with an intrinsic human connection to what they do.

Few companies can easily articulate purpose, and even fewer successfully embed their purpose. The consequences of such are, well… massive.

Consider Kodak. In a not so distant past, a ‘Kodak moment’ meant something that was worth captivating, capturing and confiding to film. Kodak’s purpose seemed deeply human - to allow people to share moments.

Their core business was selling film, but as technology developed, people turned from film to digital cameras, then to mobile phone cameras before sharing photos online.

Kodak’s purpose got muddled up between being a film company, an imaging company and a moment-sharing company. The company fell. After failing to make a profit since 2008, Kodak filed for bankruptcy protection in 2012 then sold off its patents before re-emerging as a smaller company.

A strong alignment of business activities to purpose would have made the company more resilient to technological disruption and fostered an innovative culture - creating new ways to allow people to share moments.

Instead, what was once one of the most powerful companies in the world is haunting example in business studies. Ouch.

The Tool

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Hatched clients Aesop, Silver Chef and Marque Lawyers are leading examples of organisations that have remained resilient and created positive impact by embedding their purpose. Hatched has spent the past 3 years delivering its Purpose Program to clients, allowing them to use the power of business to do good and thrive in an environment of constant change.

Hatched’s Purpose Program harnesses its expertise to take businesses on a transformative journey involving purpose-driven strategy, impact, meaningful work and possibility.

The Process

Starting with listening sessions, we connect with leaders, employees and stakeholders to learn about what makes you tick. This then leads into an impact model workshop - a collaborative, visual and human exploration of your business that uncovers your purpose, vision and impact initiatives. With everything out on the table (or pinned up against the wall) we design the impact model - a powerful visual representation which captures the purpose, foundation and essence of your business.

With your purpose clearly articulated, the real challenge begins - transformation. Using your impact model, we workshop, design and develop a series of impact initiatives covering internal and external community, new revenue streams and unique initiatives that demonstrate your purpose. These impact initiatives are then tested, improved and prototyped with teams before we collaboratively build capabilities and an approach to make it all happen.

“When we decided to bring in an outsider for the first time in our 8 years of business, it was a huge thing. We are anything but conventional, so we needed someone with exceptional and very particular qualities. Hatched has been a revelation for us. Anyone can learn and teach management theory, but what Hatched brings uniquely to the table is how they seamlessly and (seemingly) effortlessly meld in with the relationship dynamics, get people to open up without their noticing, pinpoint what’s really going on and fearlessly articulate that in a gentle, respectful but absolutely direct way. I don’t hesitate to say that they are brilliant at what they do, the best I’ve seen. We’ve loved working with Hatched and will continue to do so, I expect forever.”

The Results

Companies that have their purpose embedded in their organisation exhibit enhanced team engagement; develop a greater connection to history and purpose; create new revenue streams; deliver greater impact; increase transparency; and convert emerging risks into opportunities.