Purpose.do Festival


Our Purpose Wrap!

It was so great to be part of Purpose.do again.  It's hands down the best conference we've ever been to.

For starters just check out this quote

"Life creates the conditions for life" Paul Hawken on healing our planet.

So what did we get up to?   Hatched was on two panels

1. Discussing what is beyond Corporate Social Responsibility.  We spoke with other amazing business leaders:  Susie Bayes, Guardian Australia; Siobhan Toohill @verdantflaneur, Westpac; @drdavidcooke, Konika Minolta; Min Wah, @OxfamAustralia

2. Discussing collabroation across the purpose sector with B Corp, Future Business Council, Conscious Capitalism Australia, Fairtrade and PwC Indigenous Consulting.

Here's a couple of quotes from Hatched that were captured

  • "If you've not doing purpose, then you're not doing business."
  • "Let's stop talking about corporate social responsibility and get real by making it everyone's job, in every business" 
  • "Old school business metrics correlate with improving purpose metrics.  Pick any profit, share price, customer or staff satisfaction, and you'll see purposeful business outperforming traditional business"
  • "Profit for purpose is the future. Let's change the legal framework but for now use social enterprise status as the source for innovation, not something that holds you back."
  • "I'd love to see people from seemingly competing movements say "I'll spend 10% of my time on your part, and you spend 10% of your time on mine and see the magic happen"
  • "Partnerships are the key to impact and innovation, but it's hard to do. Find values aligned partners, trust your instincts, spend time with them and experiment together"

Until next time

Hatched  :)