Hatched is a B Corp

Hatched B Corp

After opening its doors one year ago, Hatched announced today that it has become a certified B Corp joining the movement across the world using business as a force for good.

Reflecting on the announcement founder Timothy O’Brien shared “we are proud to become a B Corp and join a network of diverse businesses who are redefining what it means to be successful. B Corp’s have an ability to solve complex problems in a creative way and uniquely support each other.  B Corp’s continue to demonstrate greater levels of profitability, customer and staff engagement, along with growing investor interest.  It is now a case of not if, but when other businesses will start to follow”  

Timothy goes on to share why he started Hatched “my desire was to help business leaders connect to something more meaningful and build their business to be a better form of itself, not only for it to be more successful, but ultimately something that they can be proud of.  Importantly, we seek to create a deeper connection for staff and customers, and once you get this mix right something magical happens”

Hatched’s own magic is a mix of a human and creative approach that connects with individuals across each organisation to build a compelling impact model and then using this new platform to tell stories, innovate and creatively solve problems. 

Hatched has been working with start-ups, scale-ups and those more established to either build or transform their business to have an impact in the world.  This means designing and implementing a model that goes beyond just business to impact. It includes defining its purpose and values which translate into an internal and external meaningful experience.

Timothy continues “it is my belief that many businesses are using outdated practices in the face of growing competition, complexity and global uncertainty.  Key to continuing to navigate this is knowing yourself better and having clarity, once you have this it is amazing what flows”

“Not only am I proud that our work has helped our client’s businesses become stronger it is also about the impact we have achieved. Hatched has an impact sharing model with our clients and we have contributed to helping get people in 3rd world countries out of poverty, putting farmers back on the land by giving them a fair go, and helping local communities become more resilient”

Hatched continues to grow through increasing its associate network which brings in individuals with unique skills for exciting projects, and will soon launch an advisory and mentor subscription based service.  For more information visit www.hatched.io or email hello@hatched.io