Impact Model

Hatched’s Impact Model is a tool that clearly articulates and embeds your organisation’s purpose, vision and impact.

In recent years, leaders in business have become more interested in the development of purposeful business. Despite a focus on purpose, organisations are struggling to clearly articulate, integrate and deeply connect with purpose.

We believe this is a result of confusion around purpose, mission and vision. The purpose is the deeper ‘why’ that drives the business, and is often connected to something intrinsically human. The mission is what you do, and the vision is the change you aim to deliver.

Aesop’s mission is to sell skin-care products, but its purpose is to nourish through intelligent interactions. Both are ultimately to the effect of delivering its vision - to enhance everyday rituals while having the lightest touch on the planet as possible.

There is a clear distinction between the three - what, why and to what effect?

While defining a purpose is one thing, embedding it is another. There has never been a clear process to help you actually live and integrate purpose into everything you do.

Hatched’s Impact Model tool is a visual representation of your business that captures everything you do, with your purpose and vision integrated. But we go a step further - our impact model framework has its name for a reason -  by defining your organisation’s impact.

This is not your traditional business plan full of all sorts of charts, sections, subsections.... and sub-subsections.