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BCorp Certification as a blueprint for good business

As a Certified BCorp ourselves, we know what it’s like to go through the process of qualifying for certification and improving our impact. Having experienced firsthand the benefits of becoming a BCorp, we are passionate about supporting businesses on their own journey to becoming Certified.

Our focus is on simplifying the process, alleviating the overwhelm of completing the assessment and most importantly aligning good business principles to your strategic objectives in a way that feels true to what you do best and the impact you want to have. 

We apply 35+ years of combined professional expertise, over half of that time spent designing, and scaling purpose-driven impact strategies with 8+ years of experience supporting BLab and BCorps in Australia and overseas.  

Onboard our team we have a Certified BConsultant, trained by BLab (the non-profit body that oversees certification), and officially recognised with a best practice approach to support businesses in Australia and New Zealand on their BCorp journey.

Our approach to becoming a better business with BCorp includes:

  • Defining your current impact and B Impact Assessment (BIA) score 
  • Identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and gaps in your impact and the B Impact Assessment
  • Designing an Improvement roadmap to achieve 80+ points (with a minimum 3point buffer as insurance through the verification process!) that is aligned with what’s true to your purpose, and strategic impact goals
  • Provide resources to help you make improvements
  • Work with your team to embed the principles and practices of certification into the rhythms of your business
  • Collaboratively design initiatives that improve your business, your impact and satisfy BCorp Criteria.

Our Credentials 

Benefits of working with us

We are a Certified BCorp & have real life experience living and breathing BCorp
8+ years experience with BLab & BCorps in Australia and abroad
We have a Certified BConsultant onboard our team, specifically trained to help businesses become BCorps
In 2019 we were recognised by BCorp as ‘Best in the World’ for improving the impact of our customers, scoring in the top 10% of BCorps
We provide informed, expert recommendations on impact measurement
We offer best practice advice to improve your impact across all areas of your business
We embed BCorp into your everyday business rhythms and bring your team on the journey 
We design a roadmap for continual improvement and impact

Begin your BCorp journey today. 

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